ser|vice1 W1S1 [ˈsə:vıs US ˈsə:r-] n
1¦(official system/organization)¦
2¦(something provided by a company)¦
3¦(in a shop/restaurant/hotel)¦
5¦(work done for somebody)¦
7¦(being used)¦
8¦(religious ceremony)¦
11¦(check a car/machine)¦
12¦(tennis/ball game)¦
13¦(on a motorway)¦
14¦(plates/cups etc)¦
15¦(bus/train/plane etc)¦
16 be in service/go into service
17¦(legal document)¦
18 for services rendered
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: Latin servitium 'condition of being a slave', from servus; SERVE1]
the official system for providing something, especially something that everyone in a country needs to have, or the official organization that provides it
the health service
the postal service
the police service
the prison service
Workers in the emergency services (=police, hospital, and the fire service) are forbidden from striking.
There has been a decline in public services in recent years.
the essential services (=the police, hospitals, fire service, and organizations that provide basic things such as water, gas, or electricity)
a particular type of help or work that is provided by a business to customers, but not one that involves producing goods
A wide range of financial services are available.
provide/offer a service
Datapost offers a delivery service to over 160 countries.
Our aim is to provide the best service at the lowest price.
the supply of goods and services
the help that people who work in a shop, restaurant, bar etc give you
good/bad/slow etc service
The service was terrible and so was the food.
customer service
At our bank we insist on high standards of customer service .
Service is included in your bill (=the charge for paying the people who serve you is included) .
4.) ¦(WORK)¦[U]
also services
the work that someone does for a person or organization, especially over a long period
20/30 years etc of service
Brian retired after 25 years of service to the company.
a long service award
a career in public service (=work done for the public or the government)
services to sb/sth
(=all the good work you have done for someone or something)
He received an award for services to sport.
services [plural]
skilled work or advice from a particular type of worker who you use to help you do something
sb's services/the services of sb
Lydia obtained the services of a qualified nurse.
sb's services as sth
Why don't you offer your services as a tennis coach?
6.) ¦(DUTY)¦
jury/military/community etc service
something that ordinary people can be asked to do as a public duty or as a punishment
Her attacker was sentenced to 120 hours community service.
7.) ¦(BEING USED)¦[U]
used to talk about whether a piece of equipment, a vehicle etc is available to be used, or how long it can be used
in service
(=being used or available to be used)
These trains have been in service for many years.
out of service
(=not being used or not available to be used)
The escalator is still out of service.
give good/excellent etc service
(=work well and last a long time)
Steel tools can give good service for years.
a formal religious ceremony, especially in church
hold/conduct a service
The service was held in the chapel.
marriage/funeral/christening etc service
a memorial service for the disaster victims
9.) ¦(ARMY)¦
the services
BrE the service
AmE a country's military forces, especially considered as a job
join/go into the services
Maybe you should join the services.
Her son is in the services .
10.)¦(HELP)¦ [singular, U] formal
help that you give to someone
be at sb's service
(=be available to help someone, or for someone to use)
My secretary is at your service.
be of service (to sb)
(=help someone)
Can I be of any service?
do sb a service
(=do something that will help someone)
He did her a service by telling her the truth.
an examination and repair of a machine or car to keep it working properly
I'm getting the bus home - my car's in for a service .
an act of hitting a ball through the air in order to start a game, especially in tennis
It's your service.
13.) ¦(ON A MOTORWAY)¦
services BrE
a place near a ↑motorway where you can stop and have a meal or drink, or buy food, petrol etc
How far is it to the next services?
a set of plates, bowls, cups etc that match each other
15.) ¦(BUS/TRAIN/PLANE ETC)¦ [C usually singular]
BrE a regular journey made by a bus, train, boat etc to a particular place at a particular time
the 8:15 service to Cambridge
16.) be in service/go into service
BrE to be working or start working as a servant in someone's house, especially in the past
17.) ¦(LEGAL DOCUMENT)¦[U] formal
when someone is given a legal document telling them that they must do something or that something is going to happen
the service of a summons
18.) for services rendered
formal for work you have done or help you have given
payment for services rendered
→↑active service, lip service,press sb/sth into service atpress2 (13)
service 2
service2 v [T]
1.) [usually passive]
if someone services a machine or vehicle, they examine it and do what is needed to keep it working well
I'm having the car serviced next week.
2.) to provide people with something they need or want
schools that service local communities
3.) service a debt/loan
technical to pay the ↑interest on a debt

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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